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There is no such thing as bad gardening, just failed experiments.

I don't know who said it but it couldn't be more true! I have been gardening for just over 5 years now and there are countless experiments that have taught me valuable lessons. One of the biggest ones is being able to lose the fear of failure when I plant something. I think that sometimes we feel like we have done something wrong when seeds don't germinate or if a plant dies. Often it's been elements that have been beyond my control and lack of knowledge that have been the cause, as well as my own lack of ability at growing plants. It is these experiences that have led to ideas to help solve the problems.

Experimenting with a storage container as a greenhouse.

Experimenting with an upturned storage container as a miniature greenhouse on our raised bed!

Being disabled has meant that limitations are placed on me when I do try to grow plants, couple this with small spaces at home means having to make the best of available areas in the yard. If I find a solution I like to experiment to see what will work. If it doesn't work I change what I am doing. A good example of something I was doing was planting too many seeds in the fear of them not germinating. This would lead to lots of them germinating and then tearing roots apart trying to separate seedlings causing a lot of damage. It may well be that when I open a packet of seeds and I see this tiny little speck that is a seed I can hardly believe anything can happen with it. How can this become a lettuce, cabbage or how does this pea become a plant? But they do and this is the point where I believe I became hooked on not even gardening, but growing plants. You can almost grow some type of plant nearly anywhere. That's pretty amazing! Everyone can enjoy this experience.

This experiment has been successful, there are many that were not. Tomatoes doing well here!

You see when that little speck becomes a seedling and that seedling begins to grow into a plant and that plant becomes something of sustenance to us with not much else than some compost or soil, water and sunlight I am always amazed. There is a sense of achievement from this that is incomparable and repeatable.

Only having the experience of growing plants for the last few years and working on ideas on how to enable myself and others to do it too has given me the opportunity to learn more about it. Every time I try to grow something else I haven't tried before I always remember to think there is no such thing as bad gardening, just failed experiments.

Then curiosity of what will happen becomes stronger than my fear of failure.

Bye for now.


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