Noels Random acts of gardening, Broccoli gets chopped down!

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I have been looking forward to the day when one of the broccoli plants that are growing in the raised bed would finally be ready to eat. Today was that day.

Check out the video of the broccoli being chopped down for todays dinner!

Its another experiment that was trial and error as I had planted 9 plants but unfortunately only 3 survived again due to my lack of knowledge. I think I may have put them out too early for them to survive the cooler weather earlier in the year but the ones that did come on are thriving.

Being relatively new to gardening actually getting the plants to grow has been an experience in itself. Its been an incredibly rewarding experience. The thing is though that often I wouldn’t even eat what I had grown. I think the reason for this is that after all the effort and work that went into growing the plants in the first place pulling them up to eat them felt odd. Especially when it comes to vegetables like broccoli or cabbage that might take a bit more time to grow.
But plants grow back, and as I learn more, it becomes less difficult to get them to grow so eating them is less of a problem.

Baby Broccoli

This is very good news as this is the whole purpose of growing vegetables is to eat them! The food you grow yourself is unbelievably tasty. It bursts with flavours that are incomparable to the shop bought equivalent. It doesn’t matter if thats something as small as a pot with herbs or cherry tomatoes the difference is amazing. 

Big Broccoli ready for the pot!

Growing plants has more benefits than just the experience of growing the plant. Those plants (if they are edible) are easily the most fresh, tastiest food you will eat.

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