The week of the lettuce

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I have been really enjoying the good weather this week. I've spent most of my evenings out in the garden sunning myself and making great plants for a garden re-vamp! The more time I've spent in the garden, the more time I've had to dissect different areas of it and plan out how I want it to look. I have great plans for my garden, great big plans.

To make my plans a reality, I really need to start learning. Truth be told, I can’t tell the pot from the seed when it comes to gardening but in my opinion that’s ok because I genuinely want to garden and I genuinely like experimenting in the garden. I need to experiment with different plants and ideas in order to learn.

This week’s ‘experiment’ was to grow a head of organic lettuce. I spent the week previous adding lettuce to every meal I ate just so I could get to the bottom of it quickly and use it for growing more. Personally, I quite like lettuce – actually I really like lettuce but eating it every single day in every single meal puts a bit of a damper on it! Nonetheless I still wanted to see if I could grow an organic head of lettuce myself.

 This is my ‘leftover scrap’ from my head of lettuce. Apparently, one can grow a brand new head of lettuce from this little piece of ‘scrap’.

 I read an article online about growing vegetables from leftover food scrap. I found the article really interesting especially because it looked so easy and easy is good for now while I’m still learning. From the article, I was told to do the following (or something along these lines)

  1. Put a small amount of water in the bottom of a bowl (or pan , or something)
  2. Put the lettuce ‘leftovers’  in the bowl
  3. Sprinkle top of lettuce (the part out of the water) with a small amount of water 2-3 times per day.
  4. Don’t keep staring at it – it will grow!
  5. Hey presto, it’s ‘sprouted’.

This whole process took me about 5 days.  I actually forgot all about the plant for two days. It was after the two days of ‘neglect’ that I noticed the plant had grown. Thinking I was the best thing to slice pan I took 27 million pictures of my new organic ‘lettuce’ and even tasted a bit of the ‘new leaf’.

I now have to transfer the sprouted lettuce into a pot with compost and put it outside. This is where it’s supposed to really grow. I have been advised by Mr Gardening Expert to use a 7 inch pot (didn't have a clue what size this was but Google is great). I have now made a start to my own ‘grow your own’ garden patch and it feels great!

So this week, I've learnt a few new things about gardening:

  1. A watched kettle never boils – the same applies when waiting for something to grow.
  2. The bigger the plant pot, the more room for the plant to grow.
  3. Plants like being outside. If you have bad weather the rain will save you having to water the plant but make sure toprovide some sort of shelter for the plants to protect them from wind.
  4. Slugs are not my friends and they will eat my plants. I will be investing in some ORGANIC slug pellets (again recommended by Mr Gardening Expert)

With all this done, I’m starting to feel quite confident that I could grow my own vegetable garden. I will try growing two new vegetables next week from leftover scraps and hopefully will have more vegetables to add to my garden (and my plate).

Until next week.


Yours truly,

The ‘L’ Gardener

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