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I got together all of the supplies I needed to revamp the green house. Plenty of top soil, compost and some manure to reinvigorate the soil that had been laid to waste inside. A couple of tomato plants, a courgette and pepper plant to bring it to life and a water butt to ensure I wouldn't be left wanting for water too often.

It was only after lifting the walkway to mix all of the components for the soil that I realised how bad the ant infestation had gotten. For those of you are of a nervous disposition I wouldn't look at the next image, but this is what I was dealing with.

I didn't want to just decimate them but I didn't want them in the greenhouse either because of their greenfly farming capabilities. I tried to transplant them into a wheel barrow as best I could and move them to the other side of the house that was quite dry and protected, not sure if it was the best plan but we will see, what do you guys do to deal with ant nests?

I put down some baking soda where the nest used to be to dissuade them from reappearing and got back to work. I got all of the soil in and replanted the blocks. I put the water butt in on a foundation of cinder blocks and protected it with some old bricks as a border to make sure it was stable.

I began planning out my planting layouts and called it a day.Gardening and this greenhouse are starting to really take over my free time but when you are really enjoying it and looking forward to cultivating what you grow it all becomes worth it.

So until the next time, bye for now.


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