Random Acts of Gardening Broccoli being a Bully

Posted on July 02, 2014 by Noel Joyce | 0 Comments

It's been amazing weather here in Ireland for the last few weeks. We have had some really warm spells interspersed with some well needed rain showers. I have been amazed at the speed at which the courgettes have been growing. Though the courgettes or zucchinis as they are otherwise known have not been without their troubles either!

Flowers bloom and close in just a day!

I had originally planted 2 courgette plants in a raised bed where I can get close to them in my wheelchair. They are at a height where I can weed the bed and make sure I can take care of them so they grow well. Unfortunately I was not aware that sometimes some plants do not make good friends. There is plenty of advice about this online but of course I didn't do any research to know! My own lack of forethought as well as experience! If you have read my other posts you will begin to see a pattern appearing here. I don't know what I am doing half the time.

The Bully Broccoli that didn't get on with the poor courgettes that are just out of shot!

The courgette plants were beside 4 Broccoli plants who were having a hard enough time themselves but seem to be doing well now (we have been eating it already) see previous post. One of the courgettes looked like it was dying off so I decided to move it. I moved it to a new location away from the broccoli and it began to thrive. I haven't found any reason why this has happened as I did research online once I seen the problem. It would be great to hear from others if they have come across this. What I have learned though is that again it's about trial and error and not all info is available online for what should be planted with what. I will keep you updated on our courgette plant and how it is doing away from the Bully Broccoli.

Check out the video of the courgette flowers blooming. Literally open and close in a day! You can also eat the flowers. I didn't know that myself, you learn something new everyday.
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