Random acts of growing. Growing peas and not killing lettuce!

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Hey everyone, Noel here.

This week I found out that marrowfat peas are essentially pea seeds. Armed with this new found information I went in search on the internet to see if there was any particular way I should plant these seeds that were in my kitchen cupboard all along. Turns out they don’t have to be treated any differently than pea seeds.
What I did find out was that if you soak the peas or many other seeds for that matter that they will germinate more quickly.  So I soaked the peas and decided to grow some of them in one of the potagators in our house to see how it gets on. I have been primarily using these for growing herbs on the windowsill but want to see how something else will get on in it.

Marrowfat peas ready for planting!

I have also been growing some iceberg lettuce in window boxes outside. with exception of maybe 3 of them the rest have died off. on closer inspection i seen that the ones that had died off had suffered an odd fate. The leaves had begun to rot and turn to a brown slime. At first I thought because of the rot that the plant was water logged and I had made another rookie error. I lifted up the pot and it was not as heavy as you would expect from waterlogged soil. In fact it was bone dry underneath the foliage.

Lettuce not doing well at all!

Even though I was watering the lettuces they were not getting the water in the soil. The leaves prevented it from reaching the soil and it all got trapped in the leaves. The trapped water caused the leaves to rot compounding the problem.
Needless to say its pretty disappointing as these lettuces had managed to get to a good size.
We did get to enjoy a few lettuces, but nowhere near the amount that we should have. I have just transplanted a new batch of seedlings to pots which I have put on the edge of the raised bed. I will keep you guys informed of how it grows.

These little guys are doing much better!

Tips for not killing lettuce when growing in pots!

1. Make sure to leave enough space at the top of the pot for water to gather on the surface of the compost or soil and drain down through.
2. Water the plants underneath the leaves.
3. Try to make sure the leaves remain dry.

I will keep you updated on how our peas get on.

Until next time.


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