Reflection, Inspiration and Neglect

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I found the last two weeks extremely busy. So much so that I have neglected my garden, my plants and not to mention my cooking. My poor lettuce plant that had sprouted beautifully has withered and died because I did not transfer it to a bigger pot and place it outside. I am very disappointed with myself but now that I know how to grow a lettuce head from leftover food scrap, I will do it again and this time I will give it a bit more of my time and attention.
The Secret Garden (Patch)
So I didn’t successfully grow anything recently but I have been thinking more about my garden and about what I’d like to do with it. The summer evenings are encouraging me to spend a little more of my time outside especially as I spend 8 hours, 5 days a week in a small office. Spending so much time in an office has also made me think about ways that I could brighten up my small and dull office space. But that’s a story for another day.
For now let’s talk about my garden or lack of. When I was little, my Father ‘designed’ a little flower bed at the end of the garden for me, his only child. He called it the Secret Garden. This was where I was to go for inspiration or just to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the time, I thought it was quite funny and of course sweet but now this ‘Secret Garden’ is one of the nicest places to go and I regularly sit out there with my own daughter admiring the flowers and plants and just enjoying the peace and serenity of it all.
Vegetable patch
My Father loves gardening – he would spend all his free time out pottering around the place. One summer he spent a huge amount of his time out in the garden putting down three new (big) flowerbeds only to dig them all up again the following summer. I sometimes hear him complain of the hardship of cutting grass, weeding and looking after his plants and vegetables but secretly I know he loves it. He loves the responsibility of growing his own vegetables and flowers, and planting his own trees and garden hedges but most of all he loves the satisfaction of seeing them grow. I know this as he will constantly bring me down the end of the garden to show me his latest tree, hedge or vegetable that he’s just planted or that’s barely sprouted. Of course, I shower him with compliments and throw in a few ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘aahhhhss’ -  even if I can’t see the teeny tiny seed that has sprouted up out of nowhere.
Yellow Roses  
I think maybe my interest in gardening has come from over the years, seeing the enjoyment and satisfaction my father got from his gardening experiences. It was also great to have a plate of veggies on our dinner plate that my Father had recently grown. However, it took me until I moved into my own house and dived into my own gardening experiments that I began to really understand the enjoyment and satisfaction my Father feels when gardening. It’s great to think you can create something yourself and personally for me it’s an added bonus to grow something I can then eat.
Pink Roses
I may have lost myself a little in this post but after all my thinking and reflecting I know that I would like my own little vegetable garden with my very own little ‘Secret Garden’ patch. It will never be as good as the one my Father made but that’s nothing got to do with gardening – forever a Daddy’s girl and all that.
Until next time.
The 'L' Gardener

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