Getting fed from the shed! Random acts of growing.

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There has been some rain in the past week which has really brought on some of the lettuce seedlings I transplanted recently. They are doing really well and have not suffered the same fate as the iceberg lettuces I blogged about in the previous post. I have had them growing in pots which I had hanging on the side of the raised bed.

Lettuces on the edge of our raised bed protected from the wind!

The pots have provided good drainage as they are off the ground and the shelter of the raised bed has prevented any wind from whipping the little lettuces around and damaging them.

The herbs I have on the shed have begun to bloom. They have bees in and around the garden which is a good sign. Speaking of bees have you seen this story. 300,000 bees and 30 Stone of Honey!

Our shed before I put up the lettuces and herbs.

With the lettuces coming on and the herbs doing well I decided to move them to a vertical garden on the shed. It keeps them up away from pests and when watering the top plants the ones below get the drained water helping to lessen how much water is used. This has been an experiment in rotation for me. The plants get strong where they are sheltered and are then moved to the shed where they have more room to grow. I think I will employ this technique in the winter also to see if we can manage to get something growing year round. As many of the plants are in individual pots it is easy to maintain them as they can be removed easily to be worked on and then replaced on the shed.The herbs have a new home too, there are several varieties of mint as well as chives, lemon balm, curry and parsley growing in this vertical space. Some amazing smells at this part of the garden.

After I got all the pots up!

We are looking forward to beautiful fresh salads infused with herbs that are all growing in this vertical space. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and twitter to find out more up to date info. And check out the ECO Plant holder, its what we have been using to create the vertical garden.

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