What we do with our HIPs (High Impact Polystyrene)

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Hey guys, in previous posts I have been talking a lot about what experimentation I get up to when growing plants. Its something I love doing and it has given me some great inspiration for new ideas. I would like to tell you more about these ideas and how I arrive at a conclusion with them. As a product designer its pretty much impossible to look at something and not see a way to make it better. Coming up with ways to help people through new ideas that make a difference is my everyday job. When I get to do this in combination with what I do as a hobby which is growing plants then it becomes much more than just a job. The ideas become more precious.

Recycled HIPS or High Impact Polystyrene, the raw material used in the ECOPotagator.

When working on an idea the problems addressed go beyond the initial one the idea was borne from in the first place. The most recent product idea is the ECOpotagator which was developed to allow people to be able to have the experience of bringing a seed to a seedling and then onto a plant in an all in one solution. Developed with small spaces in mind it makes growing a plant from seed an experience that works for all of us no matter what our space at home is like. All it needs is a windowsill or table. It does not require any propagation equipment as it has its own. It has a water beaker that doubles up as a propagation cap and it converts to a large pot once the seedling takes off. I made sure the product gave the holistic experience of growing a plant in a functional beautiful way.

Yoghurt pots to ECOPotagator, see it in action.

One of the biggest defining factors when working on ideas like this is to make them from recycled plastics. The ECOPotagator is made from HIPs or High Impact Polystyrene. I have been working with the team at ashortwalk who have started a great initiative to collect plastics like HIPs from people, shops and retailers to be used in new ideas. This is the source of the raw materials we use for the product. Heres some info on HIPS. We take something that otherwise maybe a threat to nature as refuse and create a product that enables you to encourage nature by growing a plant. We made it into the best experience we could for everyone whether you are an avid gardener or just want to grow a plant on your windowsill. Each one prevents the equivalent of 180 yoghurt pots worth of plastic reaching landfill. It takes a lot of work to achieve this and I hope you like what we have come up with. I will keep you informed of what we get up to with this product in future posts as I will be using them in my own home for year round indoor growing.

A pea shoot beginning to grow in an ECOPotagator.

Anyone who is using one, it would be great to see what you have been growing and where it lives in your home too! Don't forget to check us out on Facebook and Twitter too.

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