Grow on outta that. Hover flys

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Noel Joyce | 0 Comments

The other day Sophia came running into the kitchen saying there was wasps all over the fennel flowers in the raised bed. I went out to have a look and there they were. There had to be about 20 of them flying around the fennel and some more on some broccoli we had long since eaten but the plant had bolted with hundreds of beautifully smelling yellow flowers appearing.

First thing I thought was that there was a nest somewhere in the shed or even in the attic of the house which worried me a bit. The decision was made to get on the internet and figure out how to dispose of a wasps nest. Wheeling towards the door of the house I noticed a peculiar thing about one of the wasps. It was literally suspended in the the air in one spot. It didn't move left or right up or down just remained in the exact same spot. I dont know much about wasps but I never seen them act this way. Looking closer at the "wasp" I noticed that although it was striped it was closer to cream and black rather than yellow and black.

Hoverfly in our Broccoli.

Google to the rescue. A quick search on the internet revealed that this was not a wasp but a Hover fly. Turns out these little guys participate in the act of mimicry which is not uncommon in nature. Birds tend to leave them alone as they look like wasps. A bit more looking revealed even more good news. Hover flys are pollinators. They go from flower to flower helping to pollinate plants. this was great news as there have been more bees around but not as many as I would like to see. Another piece of great news is that Hover flies like to eat aphids. Whats an aphid? its a greenfly.

So there you have it a fly that looks like a wasp but does the job of both a bee and a ladybug. So if you see these guys around the garden hovering from one plant to another there is no need to be afraid. They are more benefit than you would realise. Still haven't convinced Sophia though!

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