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Its been a few weeks since my appearance on Dragons Den and I have been very busy ever since. As well as getting orders out to online customers everyday, I have been very busy trying to get Breezy Gardening plant holders into more retail outlets. not as easy a task as you would imagine. 

But enough about that side of things. I just wanted to put up a few pics and say a little about my experience gardening this year. You can check out some photos on the Facebook page and also if you are on twitter I often update with pictures there too. I would definitely categorize myself as a novice gardener and I have learned quite a lot this growing season. its been a great experience so far that has had me very busy and I can't believe how engrossed in gardening I have become. Heres a picture of our shed covered in plants that I took about 2 weeks ago. All the plants are at a height where I can reach and we have as much on here as you could get in a raised bed.  

You can see the herbs, I wish you could smell them!


There is also a herb garden on the front of the shed and it is absolutely thriving. The knock on effect of doing some gardening has been that the kids have been getting involved too. They enjoy looking after the plants and watching them grow. They have also taken a great interest in herbs and enjoy making tea from lemon balm and mint. Dinners and salads don't go without a generous portion of dill,chives or parsley. They are waiting patiently for the first of the strawberries to appear. I have been primarily occupied with food based gardening but I have started to grow some flowers.


Wall of flowers!


This is the wooden panel we have mounted to the wall. It is teaming with color and attracts plenty of bees and butterflies to the garden. The great thing about planting in the pots and putting them up here is that they can easily be taken down and tended to at a table.This is great for people who may have difficulty getting don to the ground or reaching up o a height. A panel like this is relatively cheap can be bought in a gardening centre. 

To see more regular updates on what exploits we get unto in the garden have a look at our Facebook page


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