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Breezy is a lifestyle and gardening product family, designed for sustainable living in urban small spaces. Our goal is to design and develop products that make living more accessible, beautiful and easier for all.


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Hi my name is Noel Joyce and I specialize in the area of product design and new product development. I went back to college and studied product design in I.T Carlow  after a cycling accident left me confined to a wheelchair and prematurely ended my career in the Irish army.

Since engaging with my new career path I have not looked back and have enjoyed everyday of it. I have had the opportunity to study abroad in Finland and currently work in China on a regular basis. I enjoy the challenge of design and new product development and treat every problem I come across as an opportunity to make life easier both from a disabled perspective and able-bodied perspective.

When I am not designing or working on ideas you will most likely find me in the garden experimenting with different gardening techniques and trying to grow things that I can put in an oven. In fact if I’m not in the garden I’m probably in the kitchen putting the things I have grown into the oven!

Be sure to check back to see what we are doing!



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Hello, my name is Louise Whelan and my area of expertise is Business Marketing and Communications. Having gained a first class honours degree in Business Marketing from the Institute of Technology Carlow, I spent my time applying my skills learned to develop effective marketing campaigns to launch new products to market. Other areas of experience includes developing and increasing online business presence, generating sales and promotional content, creating and managing consumer focused marketing campaigns and developing integrated marketing communication campaigns. I really enjoy marketing and the challenges that comes with it.

I have a particular interest in all things digital and hope to complete a masters in Digital Marketing in the coming years. I believe research is key for the success of any business marketing plan – an area I would consider a huge strength of mine. As a marketer, I believe the consumer should be the focus and driving force behind any marketing plan.

In my spare time, I enjoy being a Mother to my one year old daughter, spending time with my family and keeping fit. I am a health and organic food advocate with a particular interest in the natural health food industry. My interest in health and wellness has resulted in me gaining a new found interest in gardening with a particular focus on (attempting) to grow my own produce. I have a small garden and am working within a limited space so I enjoy trying new things to add instant beautification to my garden.

Learning about gardening has become an important hobby for me and I now also call myself ‘The L Gardener’. Follow my blog and watch my ups and downs during my gardening experiences and please feel free to offer me advice if you feel it’s necessary. I will share my tips and success stories every week and you never know I could make a ‘real’ gardener out of myself yet!

Take care,



Profile Image of David PayneHi my name is David Payne, I’m a designer here at Breezy. I studied Product Design in Dublin Institute of Technology and have worked as both a graphic designer and product designer over the past few years.

Through my studies and work, I have gained a broad understanding in a lot of aspects of design, however I relish any opportunity to learn more about what seems like an endless sea of things to digest in this industry.

I have come to realise that system design is something that I really enjoy delving into and ensuring things run efficiently in creative ways is something that gets me going. I feel when systems run smoothly it can really give us the opportunity to work on the more important things, like product development and satisfying our customers.That’s where my expertise comes into play with Breezy, in co-orchestrating the social media and web design.

Since starting with Breezy, inherently a foray in gardening wasn’t far behind and when the bug bit, it bit hard. One side of my family consists entirely of farmers and that part of my genetics really drove me on it seems. The need to grow food is rampant and I can’t wait to get the food into the kitchen. And of course my love of system design is seriously taking part in the layout of my gardening.

I’ll be updating regularly with the antics I get up to, so keep in touch.




Parents, friends, acquaintances who have helped to make this happen.

All the guys at Designhub.

Sean O Sullivan and Bill Liao and all the guys at SOS Ventures whose 
vision and belief in this product is the reason why you are reading this.

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